Yellowstone 150th Invitational

Michael Albrechtsen, Bill Alther, Mitch Baird, Suzie Baker, Ray Brown, Shanna Kunz & Brad Teare

July 29, 2022 - August 30, 2022

Opening Reception: August 18, 5-8 PM

Online & In-Person


Yellowstone National Park is inextricably tied to the art that celebrates it. The paintings of Thomas Moran from Artist’s Point captured the sublime experience of such a geological wonder and spurred the nation to create the first national park. In honor of Yellowstone’s 150th anniversary, we invite artists to explore grandeur and quiet beauty of this national treasure. Collectors can experience the rich connection to the park and its marvels.


Ray Brown


Brad Teare

These paintings were painted during a trip to Yellowstone the week before the flood of 2022. My base was Mammoth Hot Springs, and I found the surrounding landscape fascinating. The painting conditions were perfect, with clear skies and moderate temperatures. I left days before the flooding began.