Given by Nature

May 16, 2022 - June 24, 2022

Opening Reception: June 9, 5-7PM

Online & In-Person

As the long winter shifts to spring, the vitality of life is renewed with each daring bud and every blossom of color. This show and its subject matter, all florals, invite the viewer to appreciate the rhythm of life and honors the annual reminder of hope and optimism found in this rebirth.

Now in its 3rd annual year, this floral show is an opportunity to reflect on the simple joys given by nature.

Kathy Anderson
Stephanie Birdsall
Scott Conary
Shanna Kunz
Susan Lyon
Sherrie McGraw
Stacey Peterson
Kathleen Speranza
Kathryn Mapes Turner


Shanna Kunz


Susan Lyon

I treat painting flowers as if each one has a personality, Is she happy or tired? The angle of the petal or softness of an edge can portray these different emotions.

It forces me to be alert and focused when I paint from nature, the subtle colors along with patterns of shapes teaches me how magnificent this planet is.

Flowers are inherently beautiful, unapologetically so. I try and capture a 10th of their freshness.


Kathryn Mapes Turner