“Art is a never-ending struggle to create something from nothing using all of ones ideas, knowledge, and experience. It is the creative process that is the best part for the artist and the result is what the artist gets to share with everyone."

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Ray Brown

Ray has been working as an artist since he graduated from college with a B.S. in visual communications. He worked mostly as an illustrator and graphic designer in and around Baltimore, Maryland where he had lived all his life. Following his move to Southern California his outlook on his work changed. Although he enjoyed his work as an artist he was creating work according to the commercial needs at hand. He longed to create the kind of work that would combine his love of nature, wildlife, and the outdoors with his artistic sensibilities and experience. A move to the west coast brought that longing into reality.

Ray’s primary medium is simply charcoal on paper. Working with charcoal and paper is about as bare bones as an artist can get with one’s medium. Drawing is a very direct means of expression, when viewing a finished drawing one is able to see right to the core of the artist’s effort. Using only careful observation, value, composition (design), and the illusion of texture to create an image unaided by color but still managing to convey a sense of place or evoke a certain emotion is a difficult challenge. It is this challenge that inspires Ray’s daily pursuits in his work.

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June 14, 2019
Ray Brown-Turner Fine Art


Both Sides of the Fence features the original oil paintings of Kyle Paliotto and charcoal drawings of Ray Brown. The exhibition runs from June 17th to July 19th, 2019.

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July 2, 2019


The new exhibit at Turner Fine Art asks viewers to focus on similarities and common ground rather than on differences, both in the artwork and in the relationships it represents.