“I look for shapes and colors and patterns that I like. Then I look for things that may not conventionally go together, like pumpkins and teacups…. I look at them for the architectural quality, lines, values and shapes and patterns.”


Daniel Keys

“One of the things that I love in travel, going into mountains and national parks, is the little tiny flowers in fields. It is amazing to me the resilience of these tiny little, you know, organic matter. They have no regard for the time, they just grow, they have always existed and will continue to do so as far as we know. Whether anyone sees them or not, they just bloom.”

Daniel J. Keys was born on Oct. 7th 1985, in Fresno CA.

Upon noticing a glimpse of artistic talent in him at an early age, Daniel was encouraged by his parents to pursue his passion, namely painting; and being entirely home educated, time was very permitting for him to develop his skill as a self taught artist.

He started painting at the age of eleven using a paint set purchased with birthday money. It was later during his impressionable teenage years that Daniel discovered the work of Richard Schmid: a master artist whose works he later began emulating in his own paintings. Since that time Daniel has had opportunity to paint with his mentor, and Mr. Schmid has become a sort of art adviser to him throughout their close friendship.

Daniel's work is now highly sought after by discerning collectors and hangs in many prominent collections throughout North America, Europe, and Russia. In addition to his art, he also teaches workshops that often draw students from around the world who seek out his esteemed instruction. He has won numerous awards including the Portrait Society of America’s “Draper Grand Prize 2018” award, and his work has graced the covers of multiple magazines including Art of the West (twice), American Artist, American Art Collector, Plein Air Magazine, and the premier European art publication, Pratique des Arts.

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May 16, 2020

While We Were Still… Flowers Bloomed

This masterful collection is painted in the spirit of vibrancy, vitality, and beauty as an offering to a global community that is experiencing a global pandemic. This subject matter of flowers will uplift spirits, connecting the viewer with the healing element of nature and the inspiring aspect of beauty.

News & Press

July 15, 2020


Daniel Keys describes his motivation for painting flowers as the focus of his artistic career, as well as his passion for teaching.
June 3, 2020


As the snow recedes off south-facing buttes and low-lying flats, Indian potatoes and sagebrush buttercups are starting to bloom. While the human residents of Jackson Hole are isolated and distressed, the ecological processes of spring are proceeding as normal, unaware of our plight. It is this sentiment that, in part, gave rise to Turner Fine Art’s coming exhibition, “While We Were Still … Flowers Bloomed.”
April 21, 2020


Because flowers are a universal experience of beauty and delight, the goal of this exhibition is to uplift the spirits through these intimate visual meditations of florals crafted at the highest level by the country’s greatest artists.