February 28th – March 29

Ray Brown
Gunnar Tryggmo
Kathryn Mapes Turner

Welcome to "Paper Sonnets," a lyrical voyage through the natural world depicted on delicate sheets of paper by master artists. Like verses in a poetic symphony, these exquisite works capture the essence of nature through the nuanced mediums of watercolor, conte, and charcoal. 

Each piece is a testament to the artist's ability to transform ordinary paper into a canvas for the soul, weaving together lines, shapes, and colors to create visual sonnets that speak to the heart. 

From the gentle whispers of a breeze through a forest to the majestic dance of light on a mountain peak, "Paper Sonnets" invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of the natural world as interpreted by the hands of masterful storytellers. Join us as we explore the poetry of nature through the delicate strokes and inspired visions of these exceptional artists.

Gunnar Tryggmo