"I believe the role of the artist is to discover elements of the “sacred” and express them into dynamic works of art."


Mark Edward Adams

Mark Edward Adams was born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in a family full of artists and musicians.  Despite his initial artistic influence, Mark gravitated toward science and earned a degree in Chemistry.  While working as a scientist, Mark discovered his passion for sculpture and began his journey into the world of art.  He traveled to Italy to study classical sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art.  He continued his studies with a mentorship under the wildlife sculptor Rod Zullo.  His style evolved from classical Italian realism to a modern representation of animals and figures.  His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the country.


Artist Statement

I believe the role of the artist is to discover elements of the “sacred” and express them into dynamic works of art.  Picasso described the artist as a shaman, and I agree with this idea.  Art is a spiritual message.  I have found that animals are the perfect subjects and metaphors to interpret these messages. 

I grew up in Arizona watching the native wildlife and spending many hours watching animals as a volunteer at the Phoenix Zoo.  There is a sense of awe and wonder in animals that never goes away.  I will spend many hours and sometimes years sculpting the same animals and working on capturing this sense of awe.

I am also inspired by the wonderful myths and religious stories of the ages.  From Greek Mythology to the great Native religions the stories offer guidance on how to live our life.  The writer Joseph Campbell described these stories as illustrating “The Hero’s Journey”.  They describe ways to overcome the challenges and adversity in life and reach a new spiritual plateau. 

The work I create has elements of these stories and metaphors in each sculpture.  Each piece is a labor of love that takes months and often years to finish.  I will go to great lengths to express a specific emotion.  For example, I spent over a year volunteering at a therapeutic horse riding center.  I wanted to study the relationship between the horse and the rider and the intense bond that is formed.  This journey led to my piece “Soulmates”.

My style of sculpture has been a transformative journey.  I was initially trained as a classical figurative sculptor in the style of Michelangelo or Rodin.  Over time I discovered different styles of sculpture and felt a deep bond with rough expressionistic Italian sculptors of the turn of the century that included Rembrandt Bugatti, Marino Marini, and Alberto Giacometti.  I believe that simplicity in form and strong emotion is better than pure academic sculpture. 

Although I am greatly influenced by European sculptors, I remain deeply part of American Western Art.  I believe artists are their most authentic when they remain true to their past.  I grew up in Arizona and spent years sculpting animals in Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, and California.  My art will always be an expression of my childhood and experiences in the West.


Museums Exhibitions

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West (Cody, WY)

The Gilcrease Museum (Tulsa, OK)

The Booth Museum of Western Art (Cartersville, GA)

The Los Angeles Natural History Museum (Los Angeles, CA)

Brookgreen Gardens (Murrells Inlet, SC)

The Tampa Museum of Art (Tampa, FL)

The Bonita Museum (Bonita, CA)

The Hilbert Museum (Orange, CA)

The Oceanside Museum of Art (Oceanside, CA)

Major Awards

The Barron Collier II Award for Sculpture (The Buffalo Bill Center of the West)

The Peter Filerup Award (The Buffalo Bill Center of the West)

The Beverly Hoyt Robertson Memorial Award (The National Sculpture Society)

The Philip Isenberg Memorial Award for Sculpture (The Salmagundi Club)

Elected Memberships

National Sculpture Society Fellow (FNSS) 

California Art Club

Salmagundi Club

Museum Exhibits and Art Shows

The Booth Museum of Western Art, For The Love of Art Gala & Auction, February, 2023, Cartersville, Georgia, February, 2023

The 41st Annual Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale, September, 2022, Cody, WY.

Brookgreen Gardens Museum of American Sculpture, The National Sculpture Society’s 89th Annual Awards Exhibition, Aug. 6 - Oct. 24th, 2022, Pawleys, SC.

The Bonita Museum, The National Sculpture Society, “California Sculpture”, January-March, 2022, Bonita, CA.

Elected to Fellow of The National Sculpture Society (FNSS), October, 2021, New York, NY.

The 40th Annual Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale, September, 2021, Cody, WY.

The Hilbert Museum, The California Art Club 110th Gold Medal Exhibition, July, 2021, Orange, CA.

The 39th Annual Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale, September, 2020, Cody, WY.


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