Group Exhibition

December 1, 2021 - January 28, 2022

Online & In-Person

Joy is one of the best motivators for creating art, but what is joy?

Perhaps it is a forgetting of the anxious self and instead allowing ourselves to be carried away by the beauty of the present moment.

Maybe it is the raw engagement with the impermanence of existence.

Art born of joy is a generous act of love by offering our authentic expression of how a moment moves us. We wish to share this with you.
- Kathryn Mapes Turner


Bill Alther


Stephanie Birdsall


Jane Hunt


Shanna Kunz


Bobbi Miller

Art Making During the Pandemic: A Prayer Box

Having found myself in a somewhat unfamiliar environment during the pandemic lockdown but accompanied with art materials, I began an exploratory experimentation of non-objective work.

My husband’s health issues and subsequent medical advice to seek a lower elevation from that of Teton County, Wyoming found us snow-birding in Sarasota, Florida during the initial lock down of the Covid-19 pandemic in the winter of 2020 and again in 2021.

Daily walks on the beach allowed my mind to wander and to ponder. Meditating on life’s blessings while absorbing the sensations of waves, sea air, sand, birds and landless horizons allowed me to feel contentment, off-setting some of the unease of a world pandemic.

The resultant art is prayerful, meditative non-objective work. Inside the frame is a shell, discovered on a beach walk. It is to be held while viewing the art and meditating, perhaps in gratitude, knowing that some hopes will not be realized, nor will the fears. May the connectedness bring you JOY!

Wishing you happiness, health, virtue, peace and longevity.


Stacey Peterson


Kathleen Speranza


Kathryn Mapes Turner