Kathryn Mapes Turner
Stephanie Rose


June 1, 2023 - July 1 2023
Reception: Thursday, June 8, 5-7 PM
Gallery Art Walk: Thursday June 15, 5-8PM
Online & In-Person

Kathryn Mapes Turner

Shrimati- Sanskrit for “charming, lovely, beautiful”

My Intention: For this show, I am in the flow. I ride the wave of Divine guidance to create big, bold, powerful drawings and paintings that are full of aliveness. They are entirely original, poetic images that make something visible vs a rendering of that which is already visible. My artwork does good in the world - Just by looking at them, they open the heart of the viewer and inspire a spacious pause that enriches their lives and connects them with the universal part of themselves. The viewer emerges centered by these paintings while simultaneously expanded in wonder.

As an artist and as a person, I slow down & focus on the essential essence of the spirit of things. I joyfully savor what right in front of me. My paintings do this for the viewer because they communicate transcendent wonder.

“In an increasingly noisy world, I strive to create distilled paintings that are born of quiet reflection. I believe we need quiet to hear the heart of ourselves. It’s in this stillness when our unconscious mind has time to reveal itself. My inspiration comes from my life-long love of the Natural World and I am feeling increasingly concerned about our human impact upon her.”


Stephanie Rose

Quietude is a state of stillness, calmness, and quiet in a place or person. Quietude, for me, is a wellspring of inspiration and artistic practice. This collection of paintings depict visual responses to quietude or its absence. The abstract motifs in the paintings are weavings of observation, memory, emotion and life experience. Most paintings are inspired by nature and natural phenomena experienced in Wyoming. Two paintings are reflections about fundamental building blocks of life and matter. One painting is a statement about artistic practice in the absence of quietude. As a group, the paintings share characteristics I recognize as my own visual vocabulary for expressing quiet. Shapes are simple and few, featuring larger areas of layered and blended color. Edges are soft. Values (the range of dark to light) are close together, contrast is low. Compositions are straightforward and uncluttered. Colors lean warm . Accompanying each painting is a statement which tells a story. I hope you find wonderment in this journey with quietude.