June 2 - June 25

Online & In-Person

One year ago we were facing the emergence of a global pandemic. We could not imagine all that would follow. This masterful collection, painted in the spirit of vibrancy, vitality and unity, is an offering to our global community that has endured a challenging year.

Why Flowers?
Flowers are forms that emerge and blossom in perfect accordance with nature’s balance enlivening hope, joy and pure pleasure in our senses. The simple act of seeing a flower, bold yet fleeting, was enough to help Mahakasyapa through the “gateless gate” and our meditation upon them can connect us with a deeper more expansive part of ourselves.

We believe this subject matter–all flowers–will uplift spirits because these works connect the viewer with the healing element of nature and the inspiring aspect of beauty.


Kathy Anderson


Stephanie Birdsall


Ingrid Christensen


Scott Conary


Eric Jacobsen


Daniel Keys


Shanna Kunz


Sherrie McGraw


Kathleen Speranza


Adrienne Stein


Kathryn Mapes Turner